How To Support Your Local Businesses For Free

How To Support Your Local Businesses For Free

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Are you an avid support of local businesses? I am too! Having spent many years trying to create content on the internet, I have learned that an individual's personal impact on a business can mean the world to small business owners - yet not a lot of people realize what they can do to support these businesses for free.

Word of Mouth 

Share your favourite businesses with everyone you know! Even if you don't have a huge following on social media, your opinion still matters and can still make a positive impact. Let your friends and family know by posting content on Instagram stories, TikTok, or even tweeting out some photos and make sure you include the business information. By tagging the businesses, you are also helping them with putting out more content on the daily.

Engage with Content 

It is great if you regularly view a business' social media profile but make sure you are engaging with it! By liking, comment, and/or subscribing where necessary, you are helping the social media algorithm recognize that it is content people want to see. This will allow the platform to push out that content to more people. Social media is the backbone of free marketing for small businesses, and any sort of engagement will really help. 

These steps are really simple but if you can spend some time doing these things regularly, I can guarantee you that you're making a positive difference for small businesses. 

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