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9" x 12" Cliffhanger - Acrylic Painting

9" x 12" Cliffhanger - Acrylic Painting

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Inspired by the indie game, Far from Noise by George Batchelor, this piece was complete live on stream with the rest of the Wolfpack community. My favourite moment was painting the car, as chat laughed about its creation and questioned me. "Don't worry, I just need to finish it and it'll look like one... kind of!" There was a lot of banter back and forth. "Oh, I can kind of see that it's a car now", one of the viewers chimed. "It still looks very funny though". Eventually, the car did take shape. Art is about finishing a piece, not perfecting it.

This is painted on a stretched canvas with acrylic paints. It will come unaltered, and left up to your preference for framing/hanging style.

Inspired (with permission from George!) by:

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